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Popularity of Casino Blackjack

These days, the popularity of online casinos is beyond the limits. There are more and more people who enjoy the adventures offered by gambling platforms. While the industry keeps growing and changing, some gaming options are never out of trend.

Blackjack basic rules

Blackjack 21 remains one of the most popular and classic games in Las Vegas. Many of you may have seen "Rainman" or "Brush Las Vegas" in games that are often used in movies. Even though Blackjack is a simple game with very clear rules, it is the only game that can be mathematically superior to casinos.

Blackjack is a game where dealers and players play against each other. The major rule is very simple, the player with two or more cards closer to "21" wins. To start the game, a dealer gives two cards to every player by moving from the left side. Only one dealer's card is face up, while the other one is hidden face down. At that point, you are given a chance to add one more card to get closer to "21". If you add a card and the total is more than "22", you will lose immediately as a burst. The decision to hit or stay will depend on the face-up card your dealer is showing.

Popularity of online casino games among sportsmen

One of the most popular players in England and the world - David Beckham, who ended his career as a midfielder in the best world clubs, has gambling as his hobby. He can spend a lot of time in the best Las Vegas casinos, placing huge bets.

Beckham is not just a gambler. He has also actively participated in the gambling business. He has signed a contract with the owners of gambling centers in Macao and Singapore to advertise such facilities. For several times, he even organized meetings with his fans in several casinos belonging to the Las Vegas Sands company.

As investors admit, cooperation with Beckham allows them to constantly increase the flow of customers in the casino in Singapore, Macao, and other regions.

Another well-known member of the English national team - Wayne Rooney - is known for his love of roulette and blackjack. This football star once spent the whole night in one casino by losing £ 65,000.

Does it look like a disaster to you? It doesn’t if you compare it to the loss of the former Ipswich player, Chopry. He suffered from gambling addiction by being ready to play 24/7. All the above-mentioned cases should make you think more about the addictive nature of the gambling industry.

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